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MS: Abel by Accyber MS: Abel by Accyber
For:iconmahoushonen: (EDIT: he now has a height)(EDIT: happy late birthday Abel *laughs* his age is now 17 instead of 16)


→Name: Abel Bell (close friends call him bell-bell)
→Age: 17
→Gender: I dunno (jk, it's a guy)
→Height: 5'6
→ Birthday: December 26
→Nationality: He's an albino canadian yo (50%Canadian, 25%Russian, 25%Irish)

→Likes: People, animals, food, warmth,sun, nature, walking/jogging, cuddles, trampolines,swimming(he sucks at it though),the dark, star gazing, Levi
→Dislikes: People ( he sometimes loves people and sometimes.... just really doesn't), Intimidating people, awkward situations, loneliness, friends being hurt, losing friends, being stabbed in the back, avocados, the cold, public speaking, his job, feeling useless, Levi (love-hate relationship)
→ Musical preferences: Likes some asian pop(he just finds it very catchy and the languages sound very cool to him), oddly enough likes bollywood music, Sometimes likes screamo and hardcore rap when in a bad mood (but otherwise would rather listen to something else), really likes swing music, the ultimate genre that he will ALWAYS like is trance and electro, Doesn't really care much for western pop music and country. Basically, he doesn't even really know what he likes, and when asked what his favourite music artist or genre is he can never tell.

→Personality: Abel comes off as very caring and articulate in his ability to describe his inner thoughts. He ends up making friends with all types of people. However, he doesn't make a large amount of friends since he is too afraid to go up to them in the first place. After talking to a person for a bit he will become more comfortable and very friendly. He usually refrains from showing any irritation no matter how awful a person is. Abel avoids looking hurt or crying in public, but probably will if he really needs too. He has a hard time saying no and doesn't like upsetting others or making people think he's upset. This causes a lot of inner frustration however, and if he is in a situation he dislikes he will try to relieve stress by imagining beating to crap out of whoever is bugging him. He makes a rather odd face while thinking of these scenarios, like a bad pokerface with a bit of an eye squint.To be honest, a lot of things make him nervous, and he doesn't always like that, so there are a few times where he get so fed up he'll just go silent and ignore everything. When he's alone at home he likes to get his frustrations out by screaming in his specially designated screaming pillow. Because of Abel's strong survival instinct, if any of the people he cares for are threatened, he will immediately try to help or save them by any means necessary, even if it means Abel getting hurt or embarrassed in the process.
He is an overall gentle and sociable soul, however he is actually quite lonely. There is nobody for him to be around with at home, as he hates his parents and avoids them at all costs. He has also not had many long term friends, as he frequently moved from city to city in his childhood. When Abel finds new friends, he likes staying around them a lot, as he hates being alone. He's always on the lookout for a best friend(or something more) to keep him company and in high spirits. Unfortunately, with Abel's anxiety towards social interaction it provides an issue. He hates the awkwardness and embarrassment of new situations and people, but he absolutely loves the point after that when he can feel like his friendly self. He's very "socially different"(to some he may seem a little odd or a little dense), persuasive, adamant and stubborn about things in a non-aggressive way. He also has an affinity for animals (especially rabbits). He also tries his best to come off as positive to himself and others, but is rather pessimistic. He has been diagnosed by his doctor as having a Social Anxiety disorder, and takes happy pills meds for it every night before bed(since he's Canadian and his family drug plan covers it he doesn't have to pay mwahhaha) He is also very allergic to horses and a little bit to cats, but that won't keep him away from animals. This just means more meds to stock up on, plus multivitamins because he's so worried about not getting enough nutrients each day.

→Biography: Abel lived an average happy young childhood. His older sister of 5 years (Elaine), was practically his best friend. They were always there together, played together, listened to each other's stories, gave each other advice, cuddled the pet bunny(Levi),and played pranks on the adults. Abel's parents frequently have moved to different cities throughout Canada due to their job's demands. This meant that Abel didn't make many long lasting friends, as the longest he stayed in one spot was about 2 years, and sometimes he would only live somewhere for a mere 2 months. When Abel was 12, Elaine for the first time brought a love interest home. Abel's once so lovely parents turned on her for bringing a girlfriend home. It came apparent to the two siblings that their parents were homophobes. It was one of those topics that just never happened to come up in family discussions prior, so it was a complete surprise for the children to find out this dark secret from their parents. This distaste his parents had was so strong in fact, they practically disowned their daughter and bullied her into a depression. For the life of him, Abel couldn't understand how people could just turn like that, and become so ruthless too. He started to develop a strong disliking for his parents as they kept torturing Elaine even as she lived apart from them. Abel visited her every day, hoping to cheer her a bit, wanting to be by her side. However, nothing could help her and she committed suicide when he was 13. Abel reacted with sorrow and extreme hatred towards his parents. Afterwards, his parents where of course sad for losing their only daughter, however after a short time started to go back to their normal routines, and act like nothing ever happened. Abel was almost never seen in the house after that. He got a job at the local Cafe to spend time away from his family. He would only sneak in the house unnoticed late at night to sleep and take care of Levi. The sad thing is, his parents didn't make much of it. He decided it was best to get away as soon as possible, because he's eventually going to want a boyfriend, and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to him. After gaining enough money from several jobs,at the age of 16, Abel was able rent a cheap apartment and bring Levi along. The apartment was ratty and unclean, but it was better than being anywhere near those people. Most of his money got put to rent, so he usually doesn't eat much.... About one month after moving in, dear old Levi passed away from old age. At this point Abel realized just how lonely he was.


→Magical Name: Super Soldier Purest White

→Color: White

→Quote: "Guide me, star of the sky!"

→Stellar Power: 2

→Stellar Points: 284

→Heart Gem: His sister's favourite ring. Elaine would wear this all the time, and even though Abel's parents cleaned out her room and sold most of her belongings, Abel was able to salvage her ring. he wears it on his middle finger of his left hand as a memory of what good people are actually like. When it turns into a heart gem, it is a white coloured star gem on a finger glove (OOPS I FORGOT TO DRAW IT lol, I'll do it later).

Levi the male ruby eyed white rabbit(actual name is Liagis)

→Angelus Bio: Liagis was an incredibly lazy Angelus who lived life as if it was a game. He didn't really have a job to do or a place to go, so he practically just called the world his own. Despite this however, he would go out of his way to help others.

→Encounter: Immediately after arriving to earth Liagis witnessed a sorrowful young man burying a small white creature. Liagis found an advantage with his appearance being so similar to the boy's beloved pet. After observing him for a bit, Liagis went to go meet the boy. Abel was completely stunned, and somewhat horrified. Is that really his pet? How could it be though? He just saw her die. Even after the shock of Liagis's ability to speak and hearing his story, Abel still wanted to believe it was Levi. After Abel stubbornly insisting to call the bunny Levi, Liagis finally agreed. Later on Levi finally noticed Abel's full capabilities and got him to accept a heart exchange.

→Present: The two are now great friends, but Abel is either stupid or purposely oblivious to the fact that this it NOT the actual Levi he knew. It's most likely him lying to himself to avoid facing the fact that another close friend has died.
Abel is a little less lonely with Levi around, and the two get along like brothers. Levi has tried to clean up his act a bit and takes this scenario as a new beginning. Now, to feel more accomplished, he tries to act as an authoritative or motherly figure to Abel. However, this usually backfires and the two just end up squabbling. They really care for each other though.

Dual Wield Lucerne Hammers
→Name: Porcelaine Stars
→Description: Each hammer can be used as a hammer, throwing object, spear or pole. Both can be used at once, or more control and power can be used if one is held with both hands.

Move: Defensive
→Name: Closure Dome
→Description: The Porcelain Stars are spun at an incredible speed all around the chosen target to deflect attacks while at the same time creating a temporary dome-like barrier that lasts approximately 30 seconds.

Move: Skill
→Name: Healing Light
→Description: A healing move that allows the user to instantly heal the physical wound of another, at the cost of receiving the injury to their own body. Effective upon contact to the affected region. Since the body damage must be allocated to the healer and needs a place to go, healing light may NOT be used as a self healing method. If the symptoms/injury kills the one being healed during the process the healer too will die. As an effective yet dangerous move the user must have the will to cure others at the expense of themselves.


Trivia: →Abel's childhood pet, Levi was originally thought to be a boy when he was little, hence the male name. It turned out that Levi was actually a girl. Liagis is a male. So basically, the original Levi is dead, and is now replaced with another Levi that has the actual name of Liagis.
→The old Levi was an angora lop, whilst the current Levi is a cashmere lop
→ He gets cold easily and likes warmth. Because of this he likes to wear big sweaters where he can keep his little hands warm.
→ He loves the sun, however he can only stay in it for a very short time. As an albino, he is EXTREMELY fair, so he burns and gets heat stroke rather easily.
→ Average academic
→ He loves food, however doesn't eat much as food is expensive.
→His voice would sound like Yuki Kaji's


Levi/Liagis: Levi and Abel are best friends, even if they fight constantly. Abel is more than comfortable enough to be himself around Levi

✄Character Themes:

Regular Battle:…
Intense Battle/don't fucking mess with me type…
First Meeting/Stupid…
A Day of…

Battle Time!…

Abel & Levi
Fighting side-by-side:…

This is how Levi feels Abel sounds like →…
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Hello!! ` v `/ I have reviewed your app, and it looks lovely! First of all, thank you for applying and having interest in our group~~ Your character is very cute and there is only a few things I think we would encourage you to review!!

About your character's Angelus: you say that he "emulated" the appearance of your character's pet. I just want to clarify that the Angeluses have set forms and cannot change them at will, they only change when their power levels allow it! So, if your character's Angelus looks like a rabbit in its false form, that means it would have already looked as such! The biggest point is that I just want to make sure you know that Angeluses cannot change shape at will. 

One more thing!! This part is admittedly a much smaller detail, but I actually have a friend who breeds rabbits! The real term for an "albino" rabbit is actually a Ruby Eyed White/REW. That part isn't required, but I thought maybe you might like to know it! :iconjunesplz:

Other than that, your app is good! Good luck!!
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Thank you so much! ^U^ 
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